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About Tony

As a Real Estate professional, Tony’s most paramount consideration is to be part of a team that provides his clients with the same level of excellence he would demand for himself and his family as well as for his clients – the choice is clearly Smith & Associates Real Estate.

Prior to joining Smith & Associates, Tony spent over 30 years in financial management and real estate including the developing and managing a highly successful Real Estate investment firm as well as developing and running a highly successful financial management company. Both of these firms were built upon a reputation of integrity, excellence, knowledge, experience and most importantly … “customer-focus”. His service approach and philosophy is built upon having clients that are the “most highly satisfied” versus upon having the most clients – he believes in building long-lasting “quality” relationships.

Tony’s diverse and unique Real Estate experiences have covered a broad spectrum including National Historic Restorations, condominium development, acquisitions, sales and re-sales as well as mid and long-range investment properties.

While one’s home should provide the best possible fit and use for its owner and family, it must also be a sound investment decision. For most of us, the purchase of our home is the single largest financial and investment decision. It warrants careful attention to detail and Tony understands that an important part of making the right choice when purchasing a home or investment, is to evaluate the decision in terms of it being wise from the standpoint of having to re-sell it someday.

Tony’s wisdom, prudence and strategies come from his extensive first-hand experiences in acquiring, developing, selling and investing in real estate. He believes that by listening closely, researching thoroughly, and paying the utmost attention to details, his clients will consistently achieve the best possible outcomes. Quite discerning and careful in decision making, he brings passion and guidance to family, friends, colleagues and clients.

Having lived in Tampa-St Petersburg for over twenty years, Tony is quite familiar with the diversity and character of the communities that comprise our special “urban paradise”. Those who have come to know him will attest that he brings a rare blend of integrity, knowledge, dedication, ability, hard work and results along with a great sense of caring making him a pleasure to know and do business with.